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Video - Power Automate Error Management and Notifications

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

This video blog is all about setting up an error management system so that you can be notified as soon as possible when an error occurs and better handle/organize these errors.

This includes being able to send an error including a general idea of what happened or where the error occurred.

We'll also talk about the "Configure Run After" settings.

Level: Beginner - Advanced

See the full video for this process here:

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2 comentarios

Hi! Please tell us what you used to record your video? I want to say that when recording a video, you can highlight your cursor with color, so it will be better to see what you are doing. This feature is available in many recorders, here is one of these collections.

I hope this will be useful for you, the video turned out to be quite informative, thank you!

Me gusta

GA Yirga
GA Yirga
08 dic 2021

Your POsts are very Helpful and Thanks! I have a quick question:

I have some difficulty achieving the following:

Site groups generated using (_api/Web/SiteGroups) in http request, and Roledefintions generated using (_api/Web/RoleAssignments?$expand=Member,RoleDefinitionBindings) in different http request. Both are within the same flow. I am trying to map Group Name (from _api/Web/SiteGroups) output to Permission Level (in _api/Web/RoleAssignments?$expand=Member,RoleDefinitionBindings) output.Tried Compose, Select, ... in Data Operation including loop, but unable to achieve.


Me gusta
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