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Microsoft Power Apps 

Microsoft Power Apps

Sovereign SP was a front runner in development of Microsoft PowerApps and Flow designs. As a service we create PowerApps front-end applications that can manipulate, report, and update SharePoint and other system data. With these applications, you can use your data anywhere, even from a mobile phone. 


Project-based consulting, one-on-one consulting, or over the shoulder mentoring. Access to a professional consultant with flexible options ranging from as little as two hours.


Receive direction and recommendations on Power Apps so you can design, or quickly ramp up on your Power Apps skills.

If you are an expert at SharePoint but need a partner to take care of Power App forms and automation, contact us.


Power Service One

Hire our expert developers to sit down with you to design and create an application for your process. We will get all information needed to design a custom solution to match your desired functionality and outcome.

Power Service Two

Hire us to mentor you and guide you through building your own custom app to automate a current process. We will meet with you and discuss your goals. We will develop a plan design for you and get you started on the initial design. We will then be available at each milestone in the plan to help you along the way. In the end, you have learned how to develop your own process and can continue to maintain it in the future.

Partner Service

We are glad to partner with other technology experts that just don't have the experience in Power Apps. Let us take care of the Apps and you take the credit.

Some of Our Latest Power App Projects Include

  • Time Tracking for Employees

  • Time Tracking for Contractors

  • Asset Management and Maintenance

  • Asset Inspection

  • Approval Process with Signature input

  • Mobile Quality Control

  • Document Archive Control

  • Document Search, Retrieval, and Upload

  • Training Delivery Portal

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