Our Sovereign SP staff and consultants have a wealth of knowledge that helps our clients.

Ron Fetters
Founder and Principal

Ron has been developing software solutions since he was young. As Ron worked to build solutions for various companies, he discovered his love for software tools that make computers easy for anyone to use.  His work has included application development, branding, document control and workflow, and SharePoint administration. While working with a client to increase company-wide adoption of SharePoint, Ron found his real passion. Ron served as a solution architect assisting over a hundred teams in building their particular applications. Navigating unfamiliar ground is so much easier with a guide. Ron finds joy in helping people find their way through new territory so he created Sovereign SP and brought together a team of experts to build solutions around the SharePoint platform.

Through Sovereign SP’s coaching, training and design, our clients are able to gain everything to needed to shape the right SharePoint solution.

Ben Fetters
Applications Architect

Ben is an aspiring professional with experience in SharePoint, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, teamwork, and communications. Ben uses this experience to solve our clients needs by automating, customizing, and designing new solutions to meet real business needs. His skill set includes: SharePoint Architecture, PowerApps Expert, Automation with Microsoft Flow, Problem Solving, and Project Management.

Ron Schindler
SharePoint Architect

Ron is an experienced professional with in-depth expertise in SharePoint, corporate presentations, training, change management, communications, and facilitation.

Ron brings this experience together to design SharePoint solutions that meet our clients business, training, and collaboration needs. Skill set includes: Program Management, Change Management, SharePoint Site Administration and Architecture, Project Management, Graphic Design, and Technology Infrastructure Expertise.

Lorena Leishman
Applications Programmer

Lorena is an experienced software developer that has participated in the different phases of application design through the years. She specializes in back-end development. Possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills, including the ability to identify opportunities for improvement. Her skill set includes: SharePoint Design, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, LotusScript. 

Joshua Cook
Applications Architect

Josh is a Computer Science college graduate and a MCSD certified programmer.  He has professionally written using various languages including PHP, .NET, Javascript, AngularJS, and Node, and using various frameworks including CakePHP, Joomla, WordPress, and SharePoint.  Currently he focuses on developing custom webparts for SharePoint Online, using SharePoint Framework and React, that digitize forms to increase business productivity, visibility, and accountability.

Peter Stoll
SharePoint Consultant

Pete enjoyed a career as a project and program manager for two different environmental consulting firms over a span of 30 years.  As an end-user of SharePoint, he recognized how he could create simple and effective applications to help manage and streamline his programs.   Now at SovereignSP, Pete takes pride in learning a client’s needs, then helping them deploy workflows and organize their projects in ways that are easy to use, and increase accountability, security, and efficiency.    

Kimberly Jernigan
SharePoint Consultant

Kimberly is an experienced professional with 16 years of expertise in operations management, customer service, training and project and program management. Kimberly uses her skill set to provide customer support and training while working on obtaining more in-depth SharePoint development skills. Her skill set includes, Operations Management, Business Management, Project and Program Management, Administrative Support, Customer Support, In-Depth Software Licensing knowledge, Problem Solving, Microsoft Office, SharePoint Design, Data Analysis, Billing and Contracting, and Quality Analysis.

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