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Roots to Reach: Harnessing Grassroots Marketing in the Tech Industry

“At Sovereign SP, our mission is to empower businesses through custom automation solutions powered by Microsoft and driven by strong relationships, unwavering integrity, and the simplification of business processes. With a foundation built on trust and transparency, we are committed to understanding the unique needs of each client, fostering collaborative partnerships, and delivering innovative automation technologies tailored to optimize efficiency and productivity.”

Tree roots background on screen. The importance of grassroots marketing in the tech industry

When I read that statement after first joining the Sovereign SP team, I realized that marketing for a tech company might not be entirely different from what I was used to (that is, marketing for restaurants). I also thought “We focus on simplifying business processes through automation. Everyone wants that! Should be easy enough to market right?” Well, after a bit (or a lot) of trial and error, I can say that learning how to market a software product is something businesses of all sizes have questions about. “Where do I start?” or “Who am I targeting?” might be questions you’ve asked yourself (just like I did!) At the end of the day, you are marketing to drive revenue. Marketing in the tech industry doesn't have to be done entirely behind a computer. These are just a few of the marketing methods we live by as a tech company dedicated to keeping things interpersonal.

1. Build & Strengthen Relationships

I believe in the phrase “Building Sales by Building Relationships.” When I was in grade school, I was involved in a cookie dough selling fundraiser. Whichever student sold the most cookie dough would win the coveted glow-in-the-dark yo-yo. I called every relative I had to ask if they’d be interested in purchasing some below average cookie dough that would likely sit in their freezer for six months. And without fail, every aunt, uncle, and grandparent I had bought from me.

Glow in the dark yo-yo. Build and strengthen relationships for sales

Now, I never did win that yo-yo but I learned a valuable lesson: the better relationships I had, the more likely I was to sell. Never mind that the cookie dough was subpar, my family wanted to support me. That same ideology applies today. The more I focus on strengthening the relationships I have with current clients and customers, the more likely they are to give referrals, share my brand, and continue buying from me.

Nurturing your clients, gathering their feedback, and regular follow up/check-ins will always lead to stronger relationships, and therefore, more sales.

2. Become a Storyteller

From the beginning of time, people have told stories. From cultural traditions to workplace gossip, stories have a way of creating a picture of EXACTLY what you want your reader (or listener) to hear.

Storybook open on a table. Become a storyteller in marketing

Maybe you tell the story of how you started your business. Or a story about a particular product. Perhaps it’s a video testimonial from a previous client detailing how better their lives are because they used your product. A visual story, such as a video on your website, or a story told at your next tech conference is sure to grab the attention of your potential customers.

Story telling is a great way to introduce your customers to real-world scenarios, build relationships, and help them say “Hey, I need this product.”

3. Become Devoted to Your Website

Regularly review and update your website to reflect latest trends, new products, and brand goals and focuses. A solid website will help your products stay attractive and visible in the digital space. Be sure to optimize your SEO to help people easily find your website. If you aren’t sure how to do this, there is no shame in hiring SEO specialists!

Your landing pages should offer effortless navigation. In the restaurant business, they say: “You eat with your eyes first.” The same idea applies to websites. Is your website offering inspirational content, highlighting knowledge, and impressive to look at?

Getting organic (and paid) traffic to your stunning website will help increase sales and propel your marketing efforts to new heights.

4. Free Trials and Demos

Price tag that says free. Offer free things to help kickstart business.

Many of us are hands-on learners. Now, I can talk about a software product until I am blue in the face. But when YOU personally see the results or significance of the product, selling it becomes a whole lot easier.

Whether you give a free trial to a potential customer or show a demo to a class at a convention, allowing customers to see with their own eyes how your product works builds their confidence and increases their willingness to buy. And honestly, who doesn’t like free stuff?

Hopefully this has helped you with a starting point for marketing your software products. You can still have grassroots marketing in a digital space. If you are interested in learning more about automation for your business and simplifying your business processes, take a look at our website ( or shoot us an email ( We would love to get to know you!

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