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Advantages of Microsoft M365 in Public Utilities

Looking for an advantage for your utility? Microsoft SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate, Forms, and other Office 365 applications offer various advantages for public utilities, which are essential for increasing efficiency, collaboration, and data management.

Sketch of collaboration system

SharePoint is particularly useful for enhancing collaboration and communication.

It provides a robust platform with features like document sharing, co-authoring, real-time work on documents, and version control, which allows team members to collaborate seamlessly on projects. Integrated chat and notification systems facilitate instant communication, reducing reliance on external tools.

SharePoint Intranets shown in a sketch format

SharePoint also offers streamlined document management, centralizing storage and providing powerful search capabilities, metadata management, and version control to reduce manual document handling and minimize data loss or duplication by sending multiple emails, or saving versions on multiple devices. It integrates with other Microsoft tools like Teams to provide a unified productivity suite, enhancing efficiency and reducing context switching​​.

Power Apps simplifies the development process of business applications, enabling the creation of simple, or complex applications for use on any device.

Power Apps Form in a sketch format

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, Power Apps allows for rapid app creation and deployment, reducing development time and costs. It also offers standard connectors for extensibility, allowing non-developers to connect to data sources easily.

Power Automate aims to improve business efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and processes. It supports automation with low-code solutions and robotic process automation (RPA), which mimics user actions to replicate everyday tasks.

a sketch of machinery representing a flow

Power Automate helps bridge the gap between legacy software and cloud applications, improving productivity and efficiency by creating custom “flows” that streamline work processes. It reduces workload, operational costs, and human error while increasing reliability and compliance. For legacy software without an API, Power Automate UI Flow can mimic user actions to integrate with cloud applications, although some coding experience might be required​​.

Microsoft Forms is designed for ease of use and customization, allowing for the creation and sharing of custom forms, surveys, and quizzes with a simple drag-and-drop interface. It is mobile-friendly and provides real-time results, enabling immediate feedback and tracking. Microsoft Forms includes analytics tools for data analysis and integrates with other Microsoft tools like Teams, SharePoint, and Power BI, facilitating data sharing and collaboration on projects​​.

Office 365 applications listed here and many more that come with selected licenses, support public utilities by streamlining processes, enhancing collaboration, and enabling efficient data management and analysis, all of which are critical in the fast-paced, data-driven environment of public services.

When you need help putting together a plan on how to get the advantages of Microsoft M365 in Public Utilities, give us a call.

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