SSP Document Hub

SSP Document Hub is an online application implemented on your existing Microsoft 365 tenant.  It is a complete suite of document management tools and workflow automation that increases organization, security, and efficiency of your document storage and retrieval.  Because it is built on Microsoft 365, creation, editing, storing, retrieval, and tracking is available to everyone involved in your projects. 

SSP Document Hub core features 

Customized Templates – Instead of creating standard documents over and over, customized templates can be created once and saved. Staff can choose which template to start with when creating a new document. Use the same template over and over without the risk of someone that is not authorized changing them.

Document Approval Workflows – When documents are produced for organization-wide consumption, it is important to control the format, information, and accuracy of each document. Document Approval Workflows can send a document to multiple people for different steps in an approval process. Each person can be given a task with a notification email informing them of the next step. Sign-offs and approval signatures can be attached and an end document can be saved to view or print out.

The SSP Document Hub Solution

  • Custom Templates

  • File Management

  • Document Approval 

  • Document Signatures 

  • Enhanced Search Capabilities

  • Document Tracking

  • Task Assignments

  • Notification Emails

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