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Project Central - City Utilities

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Increase Productivity and Efficiency within your City Utility


All Project documents and workflows in one place

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Manage your projects while having a complete view of all the data by storing every document, person, and other project related data in Sovereign Project Hub -  hosted using Microsoft 365.

Trying to search through emails, hard-drives, and/or file cabinets can waste valuable time and cause further problems - including accessing the wrong version of a document. Sovereign Project Hub allows for safe and standardized document storage with powerful search, and easy accessibility.

  • Maintain vital project records securely with project and document level security

  • Easily categorize, filter, view, and search meta data (data about your data)


All project roles working together through easy and efficient electronic means

Paper approvals and email review methods can be complex, lengthy, and confusing. Sovereign Project Hub provides a centralized system that allows everyone to see what processes need their action as well as all the important document information for each project.

  • Store and share drafts and final documents

  • Easy entry of forms that are prefilled with project information and roles

  • Avoid wet-signatures with easy-to-set-up electronic signature integration


Customizable process automation

Relying on manual or paper processes leaves you prone to more user errors and the complexity of these processes reduces the effectiveness and productivity of the company. Sovereign Project Hub allows you to customize, automate, track, and store them electronically.

Working Together

Project members and executives can simply view, all in one place, every process item that require their attention. Once their action is complete, they simply submit the process item and it automatically moves onto the next step. Notification is also automatic on each step.

  • Customized fields, workflows, reports, and tools to fit all your processes

  • Email notifications

  • Customized views depending on security or role

People Working in Open Office

Increase Productivity

Increase efficiency and productivity by connecting project managers, engineers, inspectors, and outside contractors and consultants all in one system.

  • Exchange data and documents across companies

  • Ensure teammates have access to real-time project details

  • Avoid duplicate entry errors and rework


Manage more with the right tools

At the Office

Tailoring our software to the utilities industry has allowed us to increase the efficiency of the staff in the organizations that utilize our software. Increasing efficiency increases the amount of work that each staff member can handle. This allows us to reduce the required hiring requirements needed or to increase the capacity of the current staff to meet the demand from tightened budgets and growing infrastructures.

For example, this reduction in hiring costs reduces the amount of spending towards salaries, office equipment, training, and other on boarding costs. Being able to efficiently stretch staff across multiple projects will use budgets more effectively.

Happy Office Talk

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Our mission is to empower peoples lives by automating processes, giving time to do what matters most instead of busy work.  Using the latest efficient tools creates higher job satisfaction.

  • Ensure teammates have access to real-time project details

  • Avoid duplicate entry errors and rework

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Brit Meyer Photo.jpg

Brit Meyer, Director of Measurement and Evaluation at Choice Humanitarian

"Sovereign SP has been terrific to work with as we develop “Project Hub” together.  Project Hub is a Project and Document Management System that significantly helps CHOICE Humanitarian to track progress, evaluate results, and enable effective learning. 


Not only does Sovereign SP build the SharePoint framework for us, but they also work closely with us during the design phase to help use create a user friendly experience with logical workflow. 

Furthermore, Project Hub helps CHOICE to be much more responsive to current donors and in the submitting of grant proposals, and saves CHOICE enormous time in locating essential historical documents and pictures.


CHOICE Humanitarian is an international non-profit focused on assisting remote communities trapped in extreme poverty to become self-reliant. CHOICE currently has native staff working in Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Peru."

Our Solutions

"We want to assist you to find the solution that's right for you."

Signing Contract

Sovereign Document Hub - City Utilities

Core Features:

  • File Management

  • Customized Templates​

  • Document Approval Workflows


  • File Management

  • Customized Templates

  • Document Approval & Signatures

  • Enhanced Search Capabilities

  • Document Tracking

  • Task Assignments

  • Notification Emails

  • Version History

  • External User Integration

  • Custom Permission Settings

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Construction Worker

Sovereign Project Hub - City Utilities

Core Features

  • Capitol Planning 

  • Active Project Site

  • Workflow & File Management


  • Everything in SSP Document Hub

  • Customized Workflows:

    • Board Approval

    • Design Documents

    • Consultant Invoice for Payment

    • Request for Information (RFI)

    • Submittal Review

    • Contractor Application for Payment

    • Construction Change Directive (CCD)

    • Request for Proposal (RFP)

    • General and Specific Allowance

    • Change Order Requests

    • Substantial Completion

    • Project Closeout

    • Punchlist

    • Contract Signatures

Got a question about anything above?

Computer Keyboard

Custom Solution

Core Features

  • Combine features from Document or Project Hub 

  • Add as little or as much as you need


  • Choose one or more features from Document or Project Hub

  • Microsoft 365 customization

  • Power Apps for mobile use

Contact us for your custom solution


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