Sovereign Project Hub

Sovereign Project Hub is an online application implemented on your existing Microsoft 365 tenant.  It is a complete suite of program management tools and workflow automation that increases production of your project work.  Because it is built on Microsoft 365, adding external roles is simple and allows for workflow and project document collaboration with everyone involved. 

Sovereign Project Hub core features 

Capital Planning – Capital Project Request form and Selection tracking.  Instead of using spreadsheets and paper Sovereign Project Hub keeps track of all capital requests and as projects are chosen for a given year Project sites are created though a set up process.  Requests have a review and approval workflow customized to meet your process. 

Active Project Site – Project Role Assignment, Adding/Uploading Documents, starting workflows] 

Each project contains a site with: 

  • Key status and roles defined.  Project Manager, Inspector, External Design Consultant, External Construction Lead, etc. as used in the project. 

  • Document folders for each phase of the project.  These may include the CIP process, Design, Construction, Contracts, etc.  Each folder is secured by role. 

  • Ability to add form templates on demand.  This saves time by adding pre-designed form templates that are easily completed. 

  • Ability to start workflows from the project with project data already completed and ready to route to the designated roles. 



  • Board Approval 

  • Budget Reallocation 

  • Document Approval 

  • Design Documents 

  • Consultant Invoice for Payment 

  • Request for Information (RFI) 

  • Submittal Review 

  • Contractor Application for Payment 

  • Construction Change Directive (CCD) 

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) 

  • General Allowance 

  • Specific Allowance 

  • Change Order 

  • Substantial Completion 

  • Project Closeout 

  • Punchlist 

  • Contract Signatures 

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