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This is a Pre-Built Power Apps application that allows you to quickly and easily search for almost any item with a barcode scan code on it on Amazon, Walmart, or Target! Don't worry, YOU DO NOT NEED A BARCODE SCANNER. The barcode scanning functionality of the app will work much like taking a picture and is compatible with practically any smart phone.


The best part is, if you already have a Power Apps license, you just have to import the application (instructions below) and it's ready to go! No need to worry about setting up connections or data bases for this one.


How the app works

Simply select from the drop down either Amazon, Walmart, or Target. Then, hit scan and use the barcode scanner/camera to scan the item of your choice. Once scanned, the item will then be searched for on the site that you selected. Pretty neat!


How to install it

First off, there are many blogs and documentation articles on how to import Power Apps applications. However, here's how it works! 


1. You have to have a Power Apps license of some kind

2. Go to

3. Go to "Apps" on the left hand navigation

4. Select "Import Canvas App" near the top of the page

5. Click "Upload" and select the file that comes along with this product. Then click "Import"

6. Make sure you don't already have another app with the same name "Search Item" and click "Import" again.

7. Share and enjoy your new app!

Power App - Search Item with Built in Barcode Scanner

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