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Dear Friends,
I’ve been developing software solutions since I was young.  I used to watch my mom bring home problems from work back in the 70’s and I loved the logic behind problem solving on the computer.  It seemed so powerful, so amazing, that a machine could do such a thing.

As time went on I continued to study and watch how computers made life easier.  I studied computers in school and loved developing my ability to create something with an individual in mind.

As I worked to build solutions for various companies, I discovered my love for software tools that make computers easy for anyone to use.  In 2000, I started my first business building solutions in Lotus Notes. We had a great development team and created some innovative solutions, we even won an award.

In 2003, Microsoft offered SharePoint, a platform with similar tools and abilities to Lotus Notes.  I jumped in with both feet and starting doing all kinds of development, branding, document workflow, and SharePoint administration. If it had anything to do with SharePoint, I would do it.

While working with a client to increase company-wide adoption of SharePoint, I found my real passion. I served as a solution architect assisting over a hundred teams in building their particular application. Together, we designed a solution and then walked through each step to build it. Watching so many people accomplish their goals with just a little bit of assistance was inspiring.

Navigating unfamiliar ground is so much easier with a guide. I find joy in helping people find their way through new territory. I also love teaching people how to make their own maps.

Through Sovereign SP’s coaching, training and design sessions, I’m able to offer SharePoint users everything they need to find their way. Doing so brings me great joy.

Warm Regards,

Ron Fetters


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