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“CHOICE teaches communities the leadership and business skills for them to break the cycle of poverty.”

Sovereign SP has donated over 250 resource hours to help build a SharePoint driven Project Management portal for Choice Humanitarian.


This portal has helped in organizing project documents and metadata for a fast, efficient way to get through ongoing project information. Choice Humanitarian project management went from emails and attachments to searchable documentation and metrics with approval process automation.


Sovereign SP added mobile applications to tie into data from anywhere in the world. These mobile applications help keep track of budgets, and create the ability to upload project pictures and documents directly to their organization's SharePoint.


Choice Humanitarian has realized the following benefits:

  • Quicker and more organized project approval process.

  • Secure and managed document system, with versioning, for finding the files they need to collaborate on together as a team more efficiently.

  • Mobile applications help them stay informed on the go so they can make decisions easier and faster.

At Sovereign SP, we are glad to be giving back to the community through sponsoring local IT events, offering free training courses, and helping students get their first experiences in the business world.

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