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Sovereign SP Document Management Solutions

Document Management Hub

Increase Organization and Productivity


All documents and files in one place

Manage your files while having a complete view of all the data by storing every type of document, file, image, video, and person, using Microsoft 365 and the modern file management system.

White File Folders

Trying to search through emails, hard-drives, and/or file cabinets can waste valuable time and cause further problems - including accessing the wrong version of a document or file. With versioning, controlled recycle bins, and clear naming conventions, Sovereign Document Management Hub allows for safe and standardized document storage with powerful search, and easy accessibility.

  • Maintain vital project records securely with group, individual, and document level security

  • Easily filter, categorize, search, and view files of all types


Co-Author your Documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio*

Co-Authoring is a feature that has been around since Office 2013, which allows multiple people to work on a single document at the same time. When you save your Office files in OneDrive, SharePoint, or Teams, you can work on them with others—at the same time. You can do this whether you're in Teams, an online app or a desktop app.

  • Real-time co-authoring where you can even see the exact area others are editing and see their typing in real-time in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Visio

  • A live chat component where you can chat and talk with your team mates without leaving your document

  • Leveraging @ mentions to send notifications to people to let them know you are mentioning them and would love their input

  • The ability to co-author across PCs, Macs, and Web at the same time.

*Each user must have a license for Visio


Move all files from any existing file storage system

Relying on manual or paper processes leaves you prone to more user errors and the complexity of these processes reduces the effectiveness and productivity of the company. Sovereign Document Hub allows you to customize, automate, track, and store them electronically.


Sovereign SP will migrate your files from on-premise networks, Google drives, and other storage points into one document management solution. Documents and files can be arranged based on departments, roles, security groups, etc.

  • Customized setup and migration

  • Versioning control

  • Powerful search

  • Quick views of libraries

People Working in Open Office

Increase Productivity

Increase efficiency and productivity by connecting internal and outside vendors all in one system.

  • Exchange data and documents across companies with powerful share options

  • Ensure teammates have real-time access to files they need

  • Avoid duplicate entry errors and rework with versioning

  • Co-authoring decreases time to production

Happy Office Talk

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Our mission is to empower peoples lives by automating processes, giving back time to do what matters most instead of busy work.  Using the latest efficient tools creates higher job satisfaction.

  • Ensure teammates have access to real-time files and documents

  • Avoid duplicate entry errors and rework

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