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Thanks for coming by our booth!

Thanks for visiting us at our booth!

We appreciate the hard working men and women of the water industry! We are members of the AWWA and the RWAU and love to be involved.
If you would like to download and print our data sheets:

Let us take you through an example of the magic of automation and the technology.

1. Let's say that you stop by a booth just like ours and fill out a simple Microsoft form that is part of most Office 365 packages. You might be voting on choices of music, or pain points in business. This can be available on mobile devices, tablets, or computers. In this form, branching can be used to give you specific options based on your choices. Maybe you rated your favorite music genre and a song in order of greatness to you.

2. A Microsoft Automate Flow  can then take the results of the form, make some calculations, and put it into another Microsoft program called SharePoint. This flow can also send you an update by email immediately after you fill out the form, and send another one at any time designated.

3. As the numbers come into the SharePoint list, they continually increase based on your votes.

4. At any time, you could view a dynamic dash board showing you the leader in the voting for each category along with other important information. This is done through Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI.

This is just a small example of the way our company can break down your workflows into automated storage, reporting, approval flows, and email reminders. Find out more about our other packages by clicking one of the information buttons at the bottom of the page.

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