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If you are looking to take advantage of your Microsoft 365 Online environment, Intranets can be the one place for all departments to organize Documents, create Team Collaboration, work with Integrated Data and Dashboards, get instant List Access, Event Tracking, Training Portals, HR Centers, and current News.

Our experts analyze your needs and create intranet plans for overall city organization, departments, or roles. Our consultants will find the best solutions for your unique needs. Having a strong intranet design can bring staff together and enhance communication and collaboration. Having intranet sites gives the right information to engage your whole organization.

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Intranets for City Utilities


Get the most out of your SharePoint Online sites and pages with well designed intranet pages. Intranets are like a website for your internal staff. With the power of SharePoint, and Microsoft 365, you can have sites with dynamic content that engages staff. If you are not familiar with the components of intranet sites, we have broken it down into the following:

  • Branding - including logos, site name, description and leveraging brand colors.

  • Custom Themes - create your own look and use it throughout company intranets.

  • News - News can now become engaging and dynamic with changes that are immediate.

  • Navigation - Implement multiple ways to navigate including links, trees, icons, pictures, rich text, and more.

  • Multiple Layouts - Layouts can include multiple columns and rows, headers, footers, and floating columns for fitting everything you need on a site.

  • Data Integration - Integrate with SharePoint Lists, documents, external connections, social feeds, and dashboards.

Intranet Breakdown

Intranet Breakdown
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